I would like to take this opportunity of giving you a brief history of

“Boultons Dairy”

My Grandfather produced and sold milk up at Norton farm in the 1940s. The land from the farm was compulsory purchased in 1950 but my grandfather continued to supply milk from Norton Farm House on Knypersley Road. My father took over the business and I started to go there and help out from the age of six. I helped with all aspects of the business and as soon as I left school at the age of sixteen I worked at Knypersley Road Farm full time.

I took over the business from my mother and father in the mid 1990s and we moved from Knypersley Road in to our current premises in the year 2000.

I have been involved in Boultons Dairy my whole life, I have seen many changes and I can honestly say that the last twelve months have been the most exciting the launch of our new website which allows you to shop, order, and pay online is something that my father, grandfather, and myself could never have envisaged.

I truly hope that you find this new era exciting, fun and most importantly of great service. I believe that the reason Boultons Dairy has been so successful is down to you the customer. I have the ethic that was passed to me by my Father and Grandfather “look after all of your customers, they are the most important part of our business”

We have a fantastic team at Boultons Dairy who share my passion for this business. Most of my team have been with me for many years delivering milk in all weathers without them I could not hope to give you the service you deserve. We are all looking forward to the future and we hope that you will benefit in the exciting times that lie ahead.

Lincoln Boulton


It is quick and easy to join on-line, it only takes a few minutes and you can then start shopping.

You will be able to add products, change orders and pay with your on-line account.

Your daily essentials will be delivered by your regular milkman each week, you can place orders with your milkman or you can go on-line to:

  1. Check and update your order.
  2. Change your details.
  3. Alter your standing order.
  4. Make a payment on your account

You can pay by direct debit, or view your invoice and make payments online. Alternatively your milkman will call once a fortnight to collect payment unless requested otherwise.

Delivery Information

We deliver up to six days a week straight to your doorstep.

Special delivery arrangements apply to the Christmas and New Year period. Customers are advised in advance on what days your deliveries will take place, ensuring that your special requirements will be met over the holiday period.